About Pharmalaw

Bridging the Gap Between Science, Law, and Commerce

Pharmalaw (Pty) Ltd was established by Dr Karen du Toit (BPharm, MSc, PhD, LLB (cum laude)), a pharmacist and practicing attorney with a PhD in applied chemistry, specialising in traditional medicine and drug development.

“A Pharmacist And Attorney With A Sound Knowledge Of Traditional Medicine”

She was an Honorary Professor at the University of Kwazulu-Natal’s School of Health Sciences and was acknowledged as one of the 50 top reviewers of research papers of the publisher Elsevier across all its pharmacological journals worldwide. In addition, Karen has worked in the field of intellectual property at various established intellectual property law firms, as a retail pharmacist for many years, and as an evaluator and member of the Good Practices Committee of the Medicines Regulatory Authority of South Africa.

“Previous Involvement In Good Practices Committee Of Medicines Regulatory Authority”

Pharmalaw (Pty) Ltd offers a one-stop client service by “Bridging the Gap” between the interconnected areas of science, law, and commerce.

Why You Should Choose Pharmalaw

Due to her scientific background and many years of experience as a retail pharmacist, Karen understands the science but also the everyday practice behind the pharmaceutical industry. 

This has allowed her to truly understand the needs of her clients. 

She utilises this background together with her experience working in law firms as an attorney, which allows her to understand the scientific, legal, and commercial sides of pharmaceutical law. Karen has the authority to provide pharmaceutical companies with the advice that they truly need.

Pharmalaw has the necessary expertise, knowledge, and experience to make your pharmaceutical law journey an easy one.

Pharmalaw has the necessary expertise, knowledge and excperience to make your pharmaceutical law journey and easy one.