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Pharmalaw was established to provide the pharmaceutical industry with a legal partner who understands science and the impact of intellectual property rights and the regulatory environment on the commercialisation of medicines. A multidisciplinary insight is provided which bridges the gap between science, law, and commerce.

Pharmalaw functions in association with legal and regulatory teams where required.

Services Offered by Pharmalaw

Pharmaceutical law

Pharmaceutical law deals with the laws and regulations that govern the development, manufacturing, registration, importation, exportation, sale, distribution, and use of medicine. Ensure that your advisor has the needed expertise to guide you.


Intellectual Property Advice

Researching, developing, manufacturing, distributing, and marketing a medicine requires a lot of financial input and time. Ensure that you identify, protect, and utilise your valuable intellectual property optimally with the help of Pharmalaw.

Medical Negligence

Medical negligence and resulting injuries can cause a lot of frustration and pain together with significant financial loss. Let us know if you need assistance

Medical neg

Pharmaceutical Agreements

Multiple agreements are required to ensure the quality of a medicine and the safety of your consumers. However, your commercial interests should also be protected. At Pharmalaw we can assist you by drafting and reviewing agreements dealing with all aspects of the pharmaceutical value chain.

Cannabis-Derived Medicine

Cannabis derived and CBD-containing medicines are buzz words in South Africa’s business world. Ensure that your business endeavours are legally sound. At Pharmalaw we can assist you with legal know-how to ensure that your business strategy is aligned with current legislation.