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Pharmalaw was established to provide the pharmaceutical industry with a legal partner who understands science and the impact of intellectual property rights and the regulatory environment on the commercialisation of medicines. A multidisciplinary insight is provided which bridges the gap between science, law and commerce. Pharmalaw functions in association with legal and regulatory teams where required.


Pharmaceutical law

We advise on legislative and regulatory matters pertaining to the development, manufacturing,
registration, wholesale, importation, distribution and sale of medicines.

Intellectual Property

We advise on pharmaceutical patents, trademarks and copyright.

Medical Negligence

We specifically deal with cases of medical negligence pertaining to the misuse of medicines.

Medical neg
Expert evidence

We provide expert evidence during litigation pertaining to all areas of service.


We draft and review agreements dealing with all aspects of the pharmaceutical value chain

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Cannabis-derived medicine

We have been involved in legalising the commercialisation of certain CBD products in South Africa.